Featured Artists 

Paul Boex-

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Cynthia Board-

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Sharlene Bohr (scarves)-

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John Bollow-

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Susan Borghesi-

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Jean Fritschka-

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Bonnie Grebner-

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Courtney Hancock-

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Eli Wilson-

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Megan Mitchell-

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Melissa Haid-

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Greg Pieper-

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Prisca Fittsher-

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April Schabes-

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Bonnie Seaquist-

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Adam Smrck-


Vince Muehlbauer-

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Jessie Voss-

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David Zahn-

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Bill Campbell-

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Bill Campbell Flambeau-

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Susan Walton-

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Leslie Cavell-

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Kerry Brooks-

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Sarah Dudgeon-

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Sarah Shoot-

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Christopher Royal-

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Ira Burhans-

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Noah Montgomery-


Nate and Hallie Evans-

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